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The home of 1999, from the 1960s

In 1967 the Philco-Ford corporation released this ~25 minute film on what life would be like in 1999. The absolute definition of Retro-Future Electrics. It’s chocked full of retro-future awesomeness.

Some things they get right:

  • Computer learning
  • Computer menu planning
  • Easy video conferencing
  • Easy shopping from home
  • Home Post office “email” that he writes with a pen…
  • Computer assisted music making

Some things they get wrong:

  • Typical 60’s sexism is in effect
  • There are no pre-made frozen food packets in the way described
    • This would actually be awesome.
  • All of the computers are large 1960’s looking beasts
  • Prediction of a lot of disposable items. (regular use dinner plates for example)
  • Supersonic travel being routine 🙁
    • As a frequent flyer from Japan to the East Coast of America, this really hurts.

Here it is on Youtube, Enjoy!


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