Retro Future Electrics

A page about retro electronics, from the introduction of electricity until 1970-something. We refit old gadgets with new tech, and wonder at the makers who came before us.

About Us

Who are we? We are a boy and girl, who found each other and got married to make fighting more convenient. We are lovers of all things retro, cool, and steam punk. We don’t just want to look cool, we also want these things to make our lives better. We mean to take the cool looking ascetics  of old, and make them useful in today’s modern world, and hopefully do something with them that most people don’t.

Most of our current projects are in home automation, we want pretty looking functional controllers that can control  music, art , lights, and everything they can be controlled by computer. We currently live in Japan, and have for the last three years. Our every day lives are filled with retro futures.

On the site sometimes we links to external sites, the Amazon links are referred pages which give us small percentage of their profit. It doesn’t pay for the hosting, or maker habit, but it’s a few dollars here and there that helps out. If you want to support the site, you can shop via the Amazon links, or you can donate via PayPal. Every dollar we get from the site, we put back into it via buying new products ,testing , reporting on them, and sharing them  with you.

We’re really just two dorks on the internet, and we honest appreciate that you read this page.


–CTP & CZ2000


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