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A page about retro electronics, from the introduction of electricity until 1970-something. We refit old gadgets with new tech, and wonder at the makers who came before us.

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Hello Fellow Retro Enthusiast! Welcome to my workshop. Here we do a bunch of different thing. The original and primary goal of the site is about electrics and electronics from the start of electricity until about the mid 1970s. We take old products, marvel at them, and try to give them a little modern life, either thru direct refurbishment, or the addition of modern devices such as Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and excessive commas, to make them useful to us today!


More recently I’ve gone to give some reviews of products I’ve purchased. My reviews are never paid for in any way, I just review things the way I would like to see things reviewed. No product is going to be 100% awesome and that’s ok, I point out the good, bad, ugly, and give a recommendation based on my, and sometimes my better half’s opinion on the product. I was so sick of reviews that were obviously paid for (This became obvious to me when looking for a multi-in-one cooker with insta-pot reviews. So many hit the same 4 talking points that it soon became obvious they were paid).

Markee retrofuture How-tos

Seeburg Wall Box Raspberry Pi upcycle


Information and reviews on Single Board Computers (SBCs):

Raspberry Pi2 vs Pine 64

Updated with Pi 3 results!


Reviews of random household products

Breville Pressure/slow/multi Cooker review



CottonThePirate (CTP)