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Pine64 wood case arrives

I ordered this cool pine64 case from Amazon for $15, almost the cost of the computer itself! It went together easily, came with all the hardware and spacers needed. And it looks pretty cool. Here are the pics! The last one is of the Raspberry pi in the Megatronics Bel-aire (also $15 on Amazon). Both were well put together. The Pine case uses a clever screw tensioning joint that makes it more stable, and I like it a little better. But the Bel-Aire pi case looks cooler. Both are made of birch wood, and come laser etched to perfection!

The Pine64 case almost didn’t need the side and top screws, the parts friction fit and held together. All in all a really nice case, well worth the $15.

Pine64 Case - 3Pine64 Case - 1RaspberryPiVsPine64 - 1Pine64 Case - 2Pine64 Case - 4Pine64 Case - 5


And now the Pi in a bel-aire:


RaspberryPiVsPine64 - 3

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